Two Good Deals

Ken & Shirley


Let’s do this as a business, you will work harder to make it profitable.

Ken & Shirley Deal

About the Author

Ken and Shirley Lee Taylor have many things in common. Ken grew up in Texas and Shirley grew up in Maryland on farms during the depression. Each had very early family responsibilities looking after parents. Each was the only remaining child at home with aging parents. Each was the only High School graduate in their family. Kenneth participated in sports while Shirley was the sports editor in her school paper. Each became Christians at early age.

If this plan or the undertaking is of human orgin, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow it.

Acts 5;38—39 (NRSV)


About the Book

The book captures events of the authors from childhood to marriage in our early 20’s. Then jointly from marriage through child rearing and careers in civilian and military service, this was followed by a career in the business world…

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